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MOI navigation and communication service

MOI service helps visitors to function more independently and it serves as a part of customer service. MOI also optimizes guidance, communications and the use of human resources.

MOI navigation and communication service, developed by Palko Interactive Ltd., is a service concept designed for guiding customer flow. MOI's key goal is to optimize the use of properties, help visitors to function more independently, improve communications and offer a diverse platform for various customer service related services. The user interface is designed for touchscreens and digital signage screens. MOI can also be used with a web browser, in the future also with mobile phones.

MOI is usually delivered as a service but it can be delivered as a project delivery as well.

With MOI, various guidance, communications and resource services can be integrated to one, easy-to-use platform. The content is updateable with your web browser. We also offer various content management and production services through our partner network.

Interested? Don't hesitate to contact us. Let's find out together what MOI can offer you and your customers.


Overview of MOI:




MOI can be used in diverse locations due to it's module based design. Some of the modules currently available are:


MOI Navi

MOI Navi MOI Navi module is designed for indoor and outdoor navigation. Module's key feature is clear and easy-to-use route drawing which is based on the building layout or area map. MOI calculates the optimal route to that destination visitor selected from the destination menu.

MOI Navi module can be linked to other modules as well. For example after touching an advertisement MOI Navi can draw the route to the company selling the product.

MOI News

MOI News MOI News module shows the latest news and announcements. The news can be categorized, making the upkeep fast and easy.

RSS feeds can also be added to the news categories. MOI server downloads and distributes the latest news to displays automatically.

MOI Media

MOI Media MOI Media module is a digital signage module which can be used to distribute and display media content. With this module it's possible to create an efficient marketing channel by targeting content to the right displays at the right time. By using touchscreens, advertisements can be linked to for example MOI Navi module's route drawing.

MOI Find

MOI Find MOI Find is MOI's internal search module from which visitors can search for companies, personnel, products, events etc. The search results are displayed in a informational result list. Touching the result shows user the selected result's more detailed information.