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Palko Interactive Ltd.

Palko is specialized in developing digital customer service concepts. We provide solutions for various problems in indoor navigation, outdoor guidance and communications. Our main product is MOI navigation & communication service.

MOI mobile launch 21.07.2014 to Kotkan Meripäivät (in Finnish)

See for more / Katso tiedote >> PRESS RELEASES <<.

MOI Find Your Car, Winner 2013, Viscom, Düsseldorf

guiding signage category, see for more >> PRESS RELEASES <<.

Digital Signage Best Practice Awards site


Need to serve your customers better? Or need to improve efficiency of your properties usage and personals time consumption? Or maybe just make you property more attractive to use for your clients. MOI service offers solution for indoor navigating, information and media, in one single system. ...Interest? Dont´t hasitate to contact us, we will find out suitable solution for you together.


  • NHS expo2016, team finland booth info & schedules: https://t.co/WCXKA5csfB #Expo16NHS #FinlandHealth #MOI https://t.co/pwyYtW0FYh
  • find teamfinland companies info & location in nhs expo2016 from moi ...local & mobile #teamfinland #Expo16NHS #moi https://t.co/fLmM2Dlmxx
  • meet us in NHS expo2016, Manchester. see more info: https://t.co/yeap7cDM7F #teamfinland #nhsexpo https://t.co/7akdiHNeLW
  • Mobiili/web MOI -opastukset julki! #haminatattoo : https://t.co/fero1jx1ub #hamina : https://t.co/T3N37m9umE https://t.co/akampEgzPP
  • #ICTexpohki yritykset, #opastus ja ohjelma osoitteessa: https://t.co/RqxoL6D0jd Infopiste: https://t.co/RgQKgjEWbz https://t.co/unyYvfizD8

MOI Navi

Navigate easily in buildings and areas with clear and simple route drawing.

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MOI Find

Find companies, people, products etc. with easy-to-use search functionality.

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MOI Media

Distribute and display media content.

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MOI News

Share the latest news and bulletins to customers and personnel.

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